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2020 Country News (New Format)


2. Toeuk Vil Group Profile

3. Areak Svay Group Profile


2. Mapping and orienting homebased workers in their communities


4. Expanded Maternity Leave  law gives mothers 3 months of paid leave (click the link)

5. Strengthening Our Network Membership: Sharpening   Our  Advocacy Agenda

6. Homenet Phil and Homenet Producers Coop Dialogue  with OIC Mona Celine Yap of QC  SBCDPO

7. PATAMABA President Lourdes Gula speaks at Magna Carta of Women 10th Anniversary.

8. HomenetPhil Leaders in Second Conference on SEA Alternatives

9. Homenet Leaders  Attend ASEC  International Solidarity Economy Conference on Transformative Economy, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



  1. First Vietnam International Workshop on Informal Work